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Israeli Photo For al-Aqsa Mosque Without The Dome Of The Rock

Thu, 05/01/2012 - 8:12pm
PNN On Thursday, Israeli pictures have been published in an Israeli newspaper, where the dome of the rock has been edited out. The dome of rock is the golden roof of the important mosque al-Aqsa. It is written in the Jewish holy book, Talmund, that the first temple of Jerusalem, the temple mount was built there. This is a way of deny the presence and rights of the Muslims holy building, and to show that they want to be in charge there. The governor of Jerusalem, Adnan al Husseini, told PNN that this is not the first time the Israeli publish this kind of photos. Many publishing has been made in tourism magazines and agencies. “This is a promotional process for supporting the case of changing the reality, and this is a policy of many settlement organizations in the world. A try to publish another reality to let the world feel that they lost something, which is the structure, and that al-Aqsa Mosque was built on the Structure’s spot” said Husseini He also said, it is important for the whole world to see what Israel is trying to do, to delete what exist in reality and just replace it for Israeli benefits. Al Husseini said”I don’t blame anyone but the Arab countries, which are standing watching al-Aqsa mosque getting destroyed”

Op Ed: Shadow boxing

Thu, 05/01/2012 - 7:42pm
by Daoud KuttabThe Palestinian-Israeli meeting that was held in Amman on Tuesday and is to be repeated next week took many by surprise. After all, the Palestinian leadership has been resisting for months to respond to tremendous pressure to go back to negotiations without conditions. Furthermore, it has become customary that as the US and possibly Israel move into an election year, there is nothing of substance that can be accomplished through talks.While all this might be conventional thinking, the reality on the ground is different. In some ways Jordan provides the perfect way out of the impasse. Palestinians and Israelis, for totally different reasons, need to appear to talk now.Palestinians need to show that they are not total rejectionists. Their president, Mahmoud Abbas, has taken a hardline position since summer by going to the UN and defying the Americans. Palestinians have been punished for that (US Congress blocked aid) in different ways. Returning to talk as if nothing happened would appear to be capitulation, and so preliminary discussions in a third country appear to be a convenient compromise.Palestinians wanted, and still insist on the need for, a total freeze of settlement activity. Jordan uses softer terminology, saying that both sides need to refrain from unilateral actions that are provocative.Refusing to talk until all settlement activity is frozen makes a lot of political sense, especially as it was also the US position, even though for over a year now the Obama administration has abandoned this demand.By going to Amman, although they are not totally surrendering, the Palestinians are avoiding destroying decades of attempts at keeping their relations with the US reasonable.Politically, by going to Jordan and having the Jordanian foreign minister obtain the blessing of the Arab follow-up committee, the Palestinian leadership also ensures that relations with Arabs are improved, especially as the crucial reconciliation talks and upcoming elections are scheduled to take place next May. Palestinians can thus counter repeated Israeli claims that they want to talk (anywhere and any time) but that the Palestinians are the ones refusing.While there is no confirmation, some rumours have been circulating about a possible Israeli release of some long-term PLO prisoners. This would weaken the gains made by Hamas after it succeeded to get hundreds released in exchange for a captured Israeli soldier. If this is the case, and if among those released is Marwan Barghouthi, the Fateh success in the coming elections (provided Abbas continues to insist on not running) will be ensured.It is obvious that for Israelis the meetings, any meeting, are better than the present boycott by Palestinians; they deflect criticism that Israel is obstructing peace.The meetings are also important for the US and the Quartet, which has been unable to yield any concrete results and has been appearing weaker and weaker in the face of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intransigence.Holding the meetings in Amman also boosts the country. With the post-Mubarak Egyptian government totally engulfed in the aftershocks of the January 25 revolution, Jordan is the perfect replacement. Jordan, the only other Arab country with a peace treaty with Israel, can play a neutral and honest arbitrator role between the parties while at the same time continue to be an ally of the Palestinians.While all parties need these talks for different reasons, the fact remains that they are unlikely to produce any major breakthrough.Negotiators will spin their wheels in the coming months waiting to see the results of the Arab Spring, Palestinian elections as well as the outcome of the US presidential election and of possible Israeli parliamentary elections.As the people of the region watch the negotiations in Amman, the talks can be expected to be nothing more than shadow boxing. No one will attempt a punch, let alone a knockout one; they all know it will take some major outside help — namely from Washington — before any breakthrough can be achieved.

Khaled to PNN: We Won’t Depend at All on Quartet

Thu, 05/01/2012 - 7:06pm
PNN On Thursday, the member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO),Tayseer Khaled, said that the Quartet Committee’s job has failed, because the American administration was hindering the international Quartet’s well. The Quartet didn’t achieve anything, as it didn’t convinced Israel to commit to its obligations. “We don’t depend on any effort that the Quartet might do, its job was just to strengthen its public relations, during the past year, and it would continue in this way,” Tayseer told PNNHe also said that we must study our options thoroughly, and be very clear with ourselves, the Arab world and with the international society. Palestinian Political and Media sources said that a special Committee would put scenarios for the upcoming period, which the PLO and the united leadership that consists of Hamas and the rest of the Palestinian Parties would study if the Quartet has failed to convince Israel to stop settlement. According to the same sources, the current options that are being discussed are: First, asking from the international Security Council to vote for the Palestinian Bid to have the full membership in the United Nations. Second, have a position as a state that is not a member in the UN, and still having the membership bid at the Security Council. Third, asking for the full membership in the institutions of the UN.Fourth, asking from the contracted states who signed on the Fourth Geneva Convention to provide protection to Palestinians. Fifth, asking from the general organisation of the UN, to send a mission of searchers and observers to the Palestinian territories, to study their conditions. Sixth, asking from the international Security Council to condemn the Israeli activities in the Palestinian territories. Seventh, activating the popular resistance against the Israeli activities and procedures. Eighth, push the Palestinian reconciliation. The sources also said that steps won’t be taken to cut relations with the United States, or with other international Parties, “we would study the options carefully.”

Qaraqe Calls For Campaign to End Shalit’s Laws

Thu, 05/01/2012 - 7:02pm
PNN On Thursday, Palestinian Authority Minister of Prisoners Affairs, Issa Qaraqe, called for an international law campaign to end Shalit’s law group. He discussed and expressed this during his meeting with a Spanish joint delegation. This group of laws takes freedom and rights from Palestinian prisoners under the pretext of the kidnap of the Israeli soldier Shalit in Gaza. This extortion still remained after Shalit was released. These laws, for example, legitimate mass torture and revenge tools. Prominent laws are denying the families from Gaza to visit the prisoners, denying the prisoners to get any education, increasing the solitary confinement, collective punishment and the open administrative arrests . Qaraqe said that these laws are disregarding the values of international justice and human rights. This danger of a legal cover for their inhumane treatment against the prisoners should not be ignored. Qaraqe demanded all human rights organizations to observe and condemn this inhumanly laws, to end these threats on the human justice.

France Condemns Israel for Constructing 300 New Settlement Units, Jerusalem

Thu, 05/01/2012 - 5:15pm
PNN On Thursday, the Foreign Ministry condemned Israel’s decision to construct more than 300 new settlement units in Har Homa settlement, east of Jerusalem. In a statement issued by the French Foreign Ministry, the Israeli decision violates the international law. It also said that it is unacceptable that Israel continues the building of settlements in the West Bank, at the same time as the negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel takes place in Amman. After a long breakdown since 2010, increasing settlement just hinders the peace process.

Israel Condemns UN Security Council for Not Responding to their Demands

Thu, 05/01/2012 - 5:06pm
PNN On Thursday, Israeli government condemned the United Nations Security Council for not responding to the Israeli demand about stopping the Palestinian missiles from Gaza strip. The deputy chief of Israel's delegation to the UN, Haim Waxman, sent a letter to the UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon, condemning the UN Security Council, “We haven’t heard any response to this letter, and we haven’t heard any word that condemns the Security Council.” Waxman called on the international society to put an end for the Palestinian missiles attacks on the Israeli towns. He considered these attacks as terrorist, and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza Strip must be eliminated.

Israeli Forces Arrest Eight Palestinians from West Bank, Raid House in Bethlehem

Thu, 05/01/2012 - 5:03pm
PNN On Thursday, Israeli forces arrested eight Palestinians from several cities in West Bank, and raided a house in Bethlehem and searched it. A secure sources told Palestinian government news wire WAFA, that an Israeli army unit raided Tqou’ village, east of Bethlehem and raided the house of Ayman Mohammad Faroukh, 30, and rummaged with its contents. In Jenin, Israeli army arrested Mohammad Omar Abu Salah, 13, and Mousa Abu Baker, 17, on a military checkpoint near Mevo Dotan settlement in Ya’bad, and interrogated them before they were released.

One Million Palestinian Members on Facebook

Thu, 05/01/2012 - 4:59pm
PNN According to the technology expert, Sabri Sedem, the number of the Palestinian members on Facebook has now reached one million. This is the largest international number compared to the population. Sedem told Palestine Voice radio that what matters is not the number of the users, but how they use it. He is calling for more guidance to use the modern technology in order to reflect the Palestinian politics and situations. Sedem also said that the number of the Palestinian members on Facebook has increased lately, after the success of the Arabic revolutions.

International Solidarity: Israeli Court Extends the Arrest of PNN Reporter for 12 Days

Wed, 04/01/2012 - 11:09pm
PNN On Wednesday, the lawyer of the International Solidarity institution of human rights, said that the Israeli Salim Court extended the arrest of PNN reporter, Amin Abu Warda, for 12 days to complete the interrogation, based on the military prosecution order. The searcher at the International Solidarity of human rights, Ahmad al-Bitawi, said that the Journalist Abu Wardah, 46, was arrested in December 28, 2011. During his 20-hour continuous interrogations in Petah Tikva, Abu Wardah was standing on his feet, his hands were cuffed and he wasn’t allowed to take a rest. The Israeli authorities also forbade Abu Warda from calling the lawyer. Abu Warda was transferred to al-Ramlah hospital, after the deterioration of his health, as he suffers from heart problems. Al-Bitawi said that Abu Warda is married, and a father of five children, he works as a reporter for the PNN, and the Emirates Gulf newspaper. He is completing his PhD in media, in Malaysia.It is expected that Abu Warda’s trial would be in January 15, 2012. Ahmad al-Bitawi asked for the immediate release of Abu Wardah, and the rest of the detained Journalists, who were arrested while they were doing their jobs, which covered several Israeli procedures and violations in Palestine.

Settlers Set Fire to Car Wash Station, Burn Two Parked Cars, Jerusalem

Wed, 04/01/2012 - 6:29pm
PNN On Wednesday, Israeli settlers from the Price Tag group resumed their attacks against Palestinians' properties, as they set fire to car wash station, belonged to a Palestinian citizen in Sharafat village, nearby Gilo settlement in Jerusalem. Israeli Police spokeswoman, Luba al-Samry, said in a press release, “Settlers also burned two old, unused vehicles: one for transporting and the other was private, which were parked nearby the place.” Settlers wrote with spray paint, sentences such as, collecting the price and revenge on a nearby wall, the Police reached to the place and started to investigate the incident.”

Op Ed: High Prices in the Occupied Territories

Wed, 04/01/2012 - 5:51pm
by Iyad Hamdan Nowadays, talks among Palestinians revolve around that goods and services became too costly, and cannot be tolerated. This is true as we have a government that deal with its citizens as consumers easy to determine their destines and to make their daily life unbearable marked with panting for bringing a loaf of bread to feed their children. It seems it does not mean a lot to those officials as long as the invisible hands continue controlling the economy and politics instruments and exclusively enjoy the government privileges and taxes exemptions, and as long as the profit at the expense of the poor and downtrodden people multiply in every day. Thus, proving that it is not a caretaker government, it is a business caretaker government. Seemingly, to the government of competencies, investment is not in human beings but at their expenses, and regrettably the capital is not the human, but the interests of the companies. So unlike the expected, people became means but not purposes in light of the neo-liberal economic system. In Palestine, the increase in salaries of employees and wages of workers is impossible and is not on the cabinet table considered to be a burden on the governmental budget that is already over-strained in waiting for donor funds. Prices of some goods rise in an enormous percents. On the other side, employees’ salaries and workers wages have been in the same ranges since years. Ironically, everything is variable but the salaries and wages are the only constant. In addition to this reality, some officials declared that there was an excessive spending on the public services and there is an urgent need to rationalize the public expenditures. Often debate begins at reducing the number of medical referrals abroad. It is worth mentioning here, that upon what we hear about corruption the urgent need is to rationalize the thefts not the public expenditure. The prices of consumer products continue to go up and the cost of living index nonstops rising every month. It is easily noticed that there is no sense of balance between the salaries scale and the prices of the consumer basket. Evidently, there is a rise in prices of food and beverages, fees of medical and educational services, prices of housing, prices of furnishings, household goods, restaurants, cafes, hotels and others according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS). We as citizens should say “We Understand You”, we do not have the right to access to quality education and health services, or to go to picnics, and restaurants, or to buy new clothes or to spend our summer vacation abroad. In return, kindly offer us the right to get the basic consumer goods easily and without the need for long-term austerity plans.Let us imagine how difficult life is for a Palestinian employee or worker who has to work a full day or more so that he or she can bring a kilogram of meat, and to work the next day to get the rest of the meal needs including gas for preparing it. The question here does a meal of meat become a figment of the imagination for the underprivileged and marginalized people, and do hunger and concern about future turn out to be a nightmare chasing them in their flaming night by the fire of the Israeli army and settlers.Today, memory takes us back to the image of simple Egyptian citizen, who has been exposed by the films with euphoria as there is a “chicken” on the dining table due to the high rates of poverty and unemployment. This has become realistic scenes in the life of the poor in occupied Palestine. There is actually something surprising herein, it was usual for the oppressive Arab governments, to support and promote any product that would make peoples forget talking about politics or even a means for ventilation because of the hardships of life. However, the prices of tobacco and cigarettes have been doubled, which means that our government does not want to give us the right for forgetting! It becomes quite clear that the readiness of the statehood means the readiness to get rid of its citizens, and what takes place in a way or another is a new transfer plan in Palestinian hands. A plan that seeks to instill depression, despair and passiveness in the hearts and the minds of the Palestinians to be drown in debts and crimes and thus forget the beloved Palestine. It seems that we Palestinians have to encounter our afflicted destiny alone and that we ought to evoke displacement, exile and suffering every day and every moment. We shall keep looking for a place and a space on this earth to enjoy our humanity and dignity, a place that gives us our freedom and equal rights as other human beings worldwide away from hardship and occupation. I would finally end with this quote for Maxim Gorky in his famous novel “Mother”, Work for freedom and it feeds you with bread and gives you life”.

Israeli Forces Raid Khan Yunis, Distribute 169 confiscation Orders, Selfit

Wed, 04/01/2012 - 5:40pm
PNN On Wednesday, Israeli forces raided al-Farahin village east of Khan Yunis in Gaza Strip, and vandalised several agricultural lands, they also distributed consification orders for several agricultural lands in Salfit governarate. Eyewitnesses said that several Israeli bulldozers raided more than 300 meters of the area, and vandalized several agricultural lands belonged to some families: Abu Argileh, Abu Anzeh, Abu Duqeh and Tabash. Locals said that they are afraid that the Israeli destruction processes would reach their houses and their lands, saying that the Israeli forces are used to do such cruel procedures. In Selfit, the Israeli authorities distributed new confiscation orders for some lands in Eskaka town, East Selfit, in order to expand Ariel settlement and the Apartheid wall. The head of the village’s council, Ali Samoudi, said that the distributed orders show the confiscation of 169 Dunums, from the three sides of the village. Samoudi also said that the Israeli authorities increased the attacks on the villages of Salfit, especially Eskaka and Yasouf, as they attempt to confiscate huge areas of the agricultural lands for the expansion of Ariel settlement.

Israeli Conciliation Court Force Palestinian Woman to enter Psychiatric Hospital

Wed, 04/01/2012 - 3:57pm
PNN The Israeli Reconciliation Court, in a decision that was issued on Tuesday, forced the fifty-year-old Palestinian woman Aliyah al-Abbasy to enter into the psychiatric hospital in Deir Yassen “Givat Shaul” until the date of the Court, scheduled on Thursday. Israeli forces arrested al-Abbasy, who lives in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Silwan, while she was passing through Shu’fat military checkpoint with one of her sons, under the pretext that she waved with a knife, and that she attempted to stab a soldier. Khaled al-Abassy, the defendant brother, said that she suffers from a neurological condition after Israel arrested her son Issa, years ago. Aliyah is getting the treatment since that incident in the psychiatric hospital in Deir Yassen, and she also suffers the lack of oxygen. He also said that the arresting happened when Alyiah finished visiting her daughter in Shu’fat refugee camp, and was going back to her house in Silwan, “it was the first time that Alyiah pass through the new checkpoint of Shu’fat, so she didn’t know the path that is specified for Pedestrian, and she used the driveway. “When the soldiers saw Aliyah walking at the driveway, they started to shoot towards her without pre-warnings, or showing her the right path, the bullets penetrated the “Abayeh” that she was wearing,” Eyewitnesses told Khaled “the soldiers stopped shooting after her son shouted, “this is my mother, don’t shoot”.” Khaled also said that the soldiers arrested her, and she started to curse them, especially after they tried to search her, due to her neurological condition. Then they took her to one of the rooms, and waited till her husband came to accompany her to the border security force (BSF) headquarter in Atarot, for interrogation. Khaled said that his sister was accused of insanity, and the Israeli reconciliation Court transferred her to psychiatric hospital in Givat Shaul, until the date of the Court that is scheduled on Thursday. Khaled also said that Aliyah has seven children, the oldest one is 25 years old, and the youngest is 16 years.

Op Ed: What If?

Wed, 04/01/2012 - 2:25am
by Mitri I. MuslehOne of the biggest obstacles facing the Palestinian leadership is the lack of a plan ‘B’ to any decision they make. Tuesday’s well publicized meeting hosted by Jordan and included representatives from the Quartet, Palestine and Israel is meant to raise hopes to the resumption of the stalled peace talks between Israel and the Palestine. President Abbas sets out his objective for the resumption of talks. ‘If Israel agrees to freeze settlement buildings, ground will be set for peace talks’. What if Israel does not freeze settlement buildings? What then?Do we maintain the status quo? Would Hamas and the PFLP continue to point the finger at Fatah and say, ‘I told you so’? What would president Abbas’s next step be?I do hope that Israel’s leaders would try and prove me wrong. I honestly hope that they come into this meeting and agree to a settlement freeze. I do hope that they agree to the two state solution presented by the United States. I do hope that Israel’s leaders would pull their settlements back inside Israeli territories. I do hope that Israel’s leaders would destroy the apartheid wall. I do hope that Israel’s leaders would agree on sharing Jerusalem and recognize the injustice they have inflicted on the Palestinian refugees for over 6 decades. I do hope, I do hope and I do hope.The Palestinian people have had enough hopes that would last them for another million years. Unfortunately and just like me, they continue hoping. When are the Palestinian people going to wake up? Are they still hoping that the ‘Second Coming” will free them from a brutal and oppressive Israeli occupation? Again, I hope it will.The current situation in Palestine is real. Israel’s leaders are depleting the Palestinian territories by the minute. They are establishing facts on the grounds that would conceal the faith of the Palestinian state as the biggest out door jail in history.And yet, the Palestinian leadership continues hoping and hoping and for what?I cannot dictate what the next step of action may look like. However, I do recommend one thing. The One-State solution seems to be the only way the Palestinian people have left to struggle for. To do that, the people have to speak out. The people must demand enough hoping, enough occupation, enough destruction, enough humiliation and mostly, enough talking.

Op Ed: A New Year Brings No New Resolutions For Israel

Wed, 04/01/2012 - 2:17am
by Mousa AlshanteerDespite the recent annual transition and the promises made by other nations for the new term, one nation proudly sits on its stocking of coal and laughs in the face of others who suggest change. Comparative to prior years, 2011 was another “normal” year for both Israelis and Palestinians. The Israeli coalition of conservatives and religious groups, along with the United States, effectively ended any hope for a future Palestinian state last year. Moreover, Israel systematically murdered another 180 innocent Palestinians along with 21 children in 2011, which is obviously an increase from the 107 adults and 10 children killed in 2010, but a decrease compared to 2009, in which over 1,200 Palestinians lost their lives as a result of the Gaza War. The year also saw the detainment of over 3,300 Palestinians by the Israeli Defense Forces. Do you see any real change coming for this Apartheid state? Well I most certainly do not.Israel continued its defiance of international law and sustained its military terrorism on the Palestinian people. And not everyone is happy about it. The Israeli newspaper, Ma’ariv, recently reported that over 500 Israeli soldiers have committed suicide since 2005. Despite international requests, Israel will continue the construction of illegal settlements on Palestinian territory, furthering their plans to diminish a future Palestinian state and to assure the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. The proximity of the U.S. presidential elections has further emboldened Israel, and has allowed it to dismiss American objection to the expansion of illegal settlements. The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) reported that the Zionist government illicitly approved the construction of 27,000 settlement units within the Palestinian territories and an additional 2,000 units in and around Jerusalem, thereby further applying Israel’s false ownership of the Holy Land. Over 4,000 acres of Palestinian land was confiscated in 2011 alone, 500 houses were destructed and nearly 20,000 fruit trees were uprooted. Israel is methodically cleansing the territories of the Palestinian people by seizing everything the eye can see. The only thing that Israel doesn’t realize it will never be able to steal was within us Palestinians all along…the love and respect we have for our nation. (And yes Mr. Gingrich, we are in fact a nation. Being a former history teacher, you sure need to check up on your history.)Furthermore, Israel will continue enforcing its policy of “Judaisation”, whichclandestinely cuts Jerusalem from any ties with Christianity or Islam. Last year, Israel established the Shu’fat military checkpoint in East Jerusalem, thus isolating over 60,000 Palestinians who live in the Shu’fat refugee camp from the many sacred sites within the holy city. Likewise, Israel recently closed the Magharba Gate Bridge, which leads to the Al Buraq Wall in the Al Aqsa Mosque. The Israeli government is planning to allow military vehicles into Islamic holy sites and is preparing the expansion of praying area designated for Jewish worshipers, while decreasing the amount of area allocated for Muslims.Israel has also fallen short on its promise to contain illegal settlers, who have committed a series of terrorist attacks on many mosques throughout the past year. This past month resulted in arson assaults on the Okasha mosque in Western Jerusalem, the Nour Mosque in Ramallah, and the Ali IbnAbiTalib mosque in Salfit. The settlers who committed these discriminatory attacks violated the Sahaba mosque in BaniNaim and the Baptist Orthodox Church near the Jordanian river. The racist graffiti on the Sahaba mosque insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The imam of the mosque noted that the graffiti was signed with “Yitzhar Youth Organization”, the same “organization” which terrorized many Palestinian Muslims during Friday prayers. These attacks are only intended to provoke Palestinians into attacking settlers so that Israelis can have an excuse to murder more Palestinians. Many observers reasonably argue that these attacks couldn’t have been conducted without financial and armament support from the Israeli Defense Forces.Requests by the Palestinians to arrest or detain the government-supported terrorists were met with little or no acknowledgment by the Israeli “police”.The very few Israelis who were apprehended were faced with unbelievable leniency by the Israeli so-called “justice” system. Similarly, Israeli police failed to respond after 12 Palestinian vehicles were set fire and after 500 acres of Palestinian land were confiscated for the expansion of illegal settlements in Jenin and Bethlehem.Despite the Palestinian bid for statehood and UNESCO’s recognition of Palestine, we are still far from the establishment of a legitimate state. Israel decided to freeze its monthly payment of 100 million to the PA (Palestinian Authority) for customs and tax revenues and the U.S. halted contribution to any UN organization which recognizes Palestine as a state. The United States still believes that instituting peace talks without preconditions is the only way to secure peace. This logic is essentially tantamount to a judge telling a murderer and the victim’s family to sort things out amongst themselves.The last few weeks of this past year brought decent news to the Palestinian people who had been waiting impatiently for a resolution between Fatah and Hamas, two factions of the Palestinian government. Delegations from both groups met in Cairo this past week and arrangeda reconciliation agreement which was approved several months beforehand. As a result, Hamas will join the Palestine Liberation Organization and unify the Palestinian leadership. The two sides also decided on organizing elections, releasing political prisoners and forming a national unity government. Ismail Haniyeh affirmed the decision: We join the PLO with our vision and strategy intact, but we do seek common ground with our brothers. A lot has improved in Palestine this past year, and I hope that this change continues during the coming year with a future Palestinian state. On the other hand, as much as I will hope for it, no real change will be accompanying Israel in 2012. As far as I’m concerned, the continual construction of illegal settlements along with the murder of innocent civilians will prevent Palestine from sitting at the same table and negotiating with Israel. The fact that Israel will continue implementing its unlawful policies will prevent any change from occurring this coming year. Moreover, Israel’s policies are more than accidental. They’re purely intentional. The only way anything will change with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is with U.S. intervention, and the way our government is going, I don’t see that occurring any time soon. Also, regarding New Year’s resolutions, it’s time for Israel to start following all those passed by the United Nations. But we all know that will never happen.Mousa Alshanteer is a Palestinian-American teenager who advocates for the Palestinian cause. He is a senior at High Point Central School in High Point, North Carolina.

Al-Masri to PNN: Meeting in Amman is Political Mistake, Gives Chance to increase Settlement

Tue, 03/01/2012 - 8:06pm
PNN On Tuesday, the political analyst, Hani al-Masri, considered the meeting that was held in Amman, capital of Jordan, between the Palestinian-Israeli Parties, as a big political mistake, because the Palestinian authority previously refused to meet with Israeli negotiators as long as Israel wouldn’t stop the settlement, and put a clear plan for the peace process. This meeting gives the chance for Israel to increase settlement. “There aren’t any signs indicate that the Israeli attitude has changed, while the Palestinian attitude keeps changing, our message must be clear for everyone, we can’t go back to the negotiation table,” said al-Masri “It’s not a good step to do, because Israel used the negotiations to impose another realities on Palestine, which forbid the possibility to have an independent Palestinian state.”Al-Masri also said that PA must have stronger plans to stop Israeli settlement, and the cruel procedures on Palestine, that must be achieved by heading to the international Court of Justice, and not by depending on negotiations like what happened previously.Secure sources said that Jordanian Foreign Minister, Nasser Judeh, would lead the meeting between the Quartet’s Parties, Israel's chief negotiator Yitzhak Molcho, his Palestinian counterpart Saeb Erakat, and the member of the Central Committee of PLO Mohammad Eshtaiyah.Erekat said in a Press release today, that this meeting holds a big opportunity, and new reality to achieve progress in the peace process, through the Israeli commitment towards the process.Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper said that the PA made a plan to achieve Palestinian conditions and put pressure on Israel, the most important issues to be achieved are: international decisions to condemn Israel, raising invitations against the discrimination that Tel Aviv imposed against Palestinians, activating the issue that was raised to the Israeli Supreme Court against settlement.

Saudi Pirates Hack Israeli Websites, Got Access to 400 Thousand Israeli accounts

Tue, 03/01/2012 - 6:23pm
PNN On Tuesday, Saudi Hackers penetrated Israeli websites belonged to famous Israeli athletes, and got access to private information for thousands of people from Israel. The credit cards companies started to examine the information that was published on the internet of some Saudi hackers, and said that the preliminary examination shows the information about two thousand credit cards, which the companies started to call their owners and inform them of the hacking. The message of the hackers that were named by xOmar, said that the file consist of data base that is related to Personal information of Israeli civilians, including: Names, addresses, credit cards, telephone and IDs numbers.The file consists of lists of details of thousands of Israeli: one of the lists has the name of “Zionists 65” about people who bought products via internet that is called the Jewish, and another list about 500 people who donated for the Rabies. The Saudi hackers wrote on the websites, some of these websites are used by the Israeli civilians to buy products, they said “ We decided to give the world a gift for the new year, the personal information of 400 thousand Israeli, their details were taken by their credit cards.”

The Patriarchate A-Towal: We Should Educate Our Youth for Peace, Justice

Tue, 03/01/2012 - 5:29pm
PNN The Patriarchate Fo’ad al-Towal said in respond to the Pop’s message for peace This message as if it is sent to us here in the holy land and the Middle East, that educating the youth about peace and justice is like struggling against the stream and it is not easy.” Al-Towal said through Vatican radio station on Monday “Our holy father asks us to educate the youth about the peace and justice, and we have to do it. We have a generation of Youths who come from Palestine and Israel, who were born in the violence, surrounded by Apartheid walls: we have a generation who does not know where is the holy tomb, due to the Political situation and Security issues in Palestine”. “We are invited to be educated about the issues of peace and justice, and we know that it’s not an easy thing to do,” said the Patriarchate, “all the youths’ movements in the Arab world are calling for peace, justice, dignity and work.”

Israeli Forces Raid Several Cities, Arrest 17 Palestinians, Girl among, West Bank

Tue, 03/01/2012 - 3:45pm
PNN On Tuesday, Israeli forces arrested two Youths from Beit Fajjar village, south of Bethlehem. Secure sources told Palestine government news wire Wafa that a force from the Israeli army raided Beit Fajjar village and centered at the entrances and main streets, it also raided several houses and rummaged with the contents. Then, the force arrested Shahadeh Deiriyeh, 20, and Majed Mohammad Thwabteh, 22. The Israeli forces also arrested 14 Palestinians, from several cities in the West Bank, under the pretext that they are wanted by the Israeli Security forces. Israeli forces claimed that they have founded with some of them: guns, weapons and bullets, and they also founded nine stolen cars. In Jerusalem, Israeli forces arrested on Monday, a girl that was suspected of the attempt to stab a soldier at Shu’fat refugee camp crossing. Eyewitnesses said that the Israeli forces arrested the girl and took her to unknown location, and then they closed the crossing and started to shoot fire in the air, a huge number of the Israeli army, special forces and police were at the crossing.

Op Ed: War in Gaza- Three years later

Mon, 02/01/2012 - 7:47pm
by Daoud KuttabThree years ago the Israeli army initiated a major military offensive against the people of the Gaza strip with the aim of stopping the shelling from Gaza and the release of one of their soldiers that was held in the strip. Over 1,400 Palestinians, many of them women and children, were killed thousands were injured, and public, private and internationally owned properties were damaged as a result of the attack that came from land, sea and air. Both publicly stated goals failed in this criminal war against a defenseless population and lightly armed militants. Shelling from Gaza has continued intermittently since the war. It slowed down considerably as a result of a unilateral decision by Hamas, and could end immediately if Israel were to deal with the Islamic movement. As to the captured Israeli soldier, the Israelis were forced to do what Hamas offered them from day one, i.e. to trade him for imprisoned Palestinians. Israel and to a lesser extent, Hamas, were accused by renowned UN appointed international jurists of having committed war crimes Following extreme pressure on him and his family the head of the UN commission South African judge Richard Goldstone, later wrote an opinion article changing some of the conclusions of the committee he headed. He never made any official change in the report that was submitted as an official document to the United Nations.The Israeli imposed siege on Gaza has continued and has been publicly justified by major world countries even though this siege has and remains totally illegal. No international body has approved the restriction of movement of people and goods into or out of the Gaza strip. An international effort to break the siege has resulted in a de facto loosening of this siege. Unfortunately this effort has cost nine Turkish peace activists (including a U.S.citizen of Turkish origin). Israel's relations with an important NATO member, has since collapsed due to Israel's refusal to apologize for killing Turks in international waters. While the slight easing of the siege (especially in regards to badly needed building materials) has resulted in the beginnings of a rebuilding campaign, much more is needed. The hundreds of millions of dollars pledged at the Sharm al Sheikh conference for the rebuilding of Gaza have slowly trickled into the populated strip but have gone mostly to or through international organizations such as the United Nations Refugee Works Agency (UNRWA). Whether it has been the result of the Arab spring (especially in as far as Hamas's Damascus headquarters) or for other reasons, Hamas has slowly experienced discernible change since the break of the war on it. Ruling and governing can do a lot to soften any movement's ideologies. The fear of losing in future elections can do amazing things for softening the sharp edges of any movement. In this respect, the Palestinian reconciliation efforts have produced some unprecedented changes in the political discourse as well as in the daily actions of the Hamas movement and government. Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal is now proclaiming his movements' change of resistance strategy.The militant movement is now committed to prioritizing nonviolent resistance in all its activities. This position is translated on the ground in Gaza by the movement refraining from launching missiles towards Israel and in arresting or otherwise preventing any individual or group from doing so. This is explained as necessary for the higher interest of Palestinians in Gaza. Politically the Hamas movement is slowly removing all the issues thatcaused it international isolation. By agreeing to join the PLO Hamas is indirectly recognizing Israel, which the Palestinian Liberation Organization official did on the eve of the 1993 Oslo Accords Internationally, the world community will not be able to justify continued isolation of Hamas even if Israel insists on such isolation. After all, U.S. and other western leaders have publicly stated their willingness to work with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists who have won elections or power in Tunis, Libya and Egypt.Gaza at the end of 2011 is not the same as it was at the end of 2008, both negatively and positively. The Arab spring requires that the current siege and all its effects are once and for all removed so that Palestinians in Gaza can live normally with the ability to move in and out of the strip both to their fellow Palestinians in the West Bank and the world around them. Also, Palestinian goods and people from the West Bank should equally have the right to move unfettered to the strip without the illegal and immoral siege restricting them.

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